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Wednesday 3/17

When we woke up this morning, we woke up to rain.  I love it!  We then had a long worship talk this morning when we got up and then some breakfast.  Juicy mangos, eggs, juice, and really good rice pudding.  After we went to a Special Needs School (mentally retarded).  We sung songs, told stories, had crafts and games for 4 hours.  The time was broken up though because the kids eat breakfast at 10-10:30 AM.  It was really fun and they were really interactive.  There was the Water Into Wine story, Zaccheus story, made bookmarks, Parting of the Sea story and craft, the game Red Light Green Light, Simon Says, and Shark Tag.  The kids just latch onto you and hug you.  We left around lunchtime and went and had our lunch.  Fried gluten and beans, this weird vegetable rice dish, and juice.

In the afternoon, we took a long bus ride to POPPY’s House.  This is a girl’s home for young pregnancies and abuse.  It’s out in the country, in Santo Tomas, and owned by People of Peru.  POPPY’s stands for People of Peru Project Youth Services, the crisis center.  It’s a big open place with a huge playground, soccer field, and a chicken farm.  Kelly Linfoot is there for 2 years working here.  She student taught at WWVA for Spanish and Math.  There’s also a monkey that lives there, Leo.  He’s a handful so they’re going to get rid of him.  But he’s sooooo cute!  He got into the trash and soap and stuff.  On the bus ride to Poppy’s house, I just happened to look outside and I saw a little girl, maybe 5 or 6 years old, tapping a knife on her hand outside.  I believe her mom was out there too!

After we came back, got washed up, then immediately went to VBS.  The story tonight was Jesus in the Boat, a cross craft, and a balloon popping game.  Tonight  I played the guitar with Mr. Ireland.  These bus rides to the VBS are very bumpy because most of it’s a muddy, pot holed road.  For dinner we had a yummy potato dish, warm fruit soup, and juice.  Then a worship thought and shower.

I sat outside because it was a nice cool evening with a warm breeze.  Natalie was doing Acros, talked, practiced guitar.  Lauren, Ciara, Greg, and Jessie came out and we ate trail mix while talking to Mr. Perrin and Mr. Ireland.  Mr. Ireland then taught us some Tai-Chi!  Then just good ol’ bedtime.


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