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Saturday 3/20/10

We survived our first night in the jungle.  It is an early morning because that’s the time the sun gets up!  For breakfast we got this oatmeal thing and eggs.  Not the best breakfast.

We had worship then get informed that we’re going to have to walk 30 meters in the Amazon to get to the village.  Nervousness comes upon us but we have to do it.  We take the small boat over in two loads until we all get there and get sunscreen on.  The Amazon felt so gross and it’s very dirty.  It was discusting.  I started off with my flip flops on and they came off.  Luckily, they float so I grabbed them.  I start off playing the guitar which is really hard by the way because it’s hot, sweaty, and my glasses kept falling down my nose.  We then played games which I got to play jump rope.  I haven’t done that in so long, it’s fun!  While the kids played a game of Pato Pato Ganzo (duck duck goose), it started to rain, but it felt really good.  Not so good for my glasses but oh well.  We then proceeded into stories and then went back for lunch.  For lunch we had rice and beans, yum!

It was a very hot day so we waited a couple hours to go back to the village.  So we took naps and swung in the hammocks.  We put the hammocks from the boat into “our home”.  Holly, Natalie, and I did some acros.  I did a 2-high!  That’s when Mr. Perrin told us that the sun here is about 10x worse for us than in Washington.  In just 15 minutes I got sunburned.  We went back on the boat and another fish flopped into the boat!  We had a soccer game, balloons, frisbees, and face painting.  Then we gave toys and food bars away.  Hot hot hot!

We came back and had the best dinner.  Banana chips with peanut butter, noodle soup, and mangos & peaches.  So so good, fresh and homemade.  Then for the big finale, Leisel, Greg, Natalie, Jessie, and I swam in the Amazon River!!!  Yup!  We jumped off the boat we came in.  Don’t worry, there was a translator in a canoe right next to us.  We had to hurry and jump so crocodiles wouldn’t come.  I am so proud of us, it was so fun.  The reason I did it was to say, “I swam in the Amazon River!”

We finished off with worship and sang songs that had men & women parts.  While the other group went crocodile hunting, we all sat in the hammocks and sang songs.  Just random songs.  It was fun and peaceful.  Then Greg, Natalie, Jessie, and I tried sleeping in the hammocks with the mosquito netting.  It was a process.  We slept for about 15 minutes but then it didn’t work so well.  Then some of the translators caught a baby alligator and a snake.  They brought it up to us.  We got to touch them and they tied off the alligators mouth.  It was awesome.

It is so stuffy to sleep in the tents, very hot!


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