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Sunday March 14, 2010

I left for Peru today.  Leaving from the Walla Walla Airport at 4ish PM.  Then on the way to SeaTac airport in the good ol’ Seattle.  We have a layover of about 7 hours in SeaTac so had to hang out.  We’re catching a red eye flight to Houston.  There’s a really cool shop called Fireworks we checked out then tried to find some dinner.  Lauren left with her dad to have dinner so Jessie and I hung out.  I ended up eating a Pizza Bagel for dinner.  Jessie and I watched an episode from The Dick Van Dyke Show.  I loved it, so funny!  When Lauren got back to the airport, we had a coffee from Dilettante Chocolates, a fancy coffee shop at 9 PM.  I had an Iced Viennese Mocha, decaf; don’t worry.  Fancy I’d say.  Played Dutch Blitz for awhile then bought a Seattle, WA t-shirt.  Now for the super fun red eye flight to Houston, 11:59 PM.  It is a 4 hour flight!


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