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Thursday 3/18

This morning for breakfast we had rice oatmeal and juice.  We went to our second Special Needs school for 4 hours.  I played the guitar this time by myself.  I didn’t realize but you get really sweaty and tired because you’re always moving, in a small space with kids hanging on you, and it’s ghastly outside.  It went good today.  Oh and we also taught them how to brush their teeth and gave them all a toothbrush.  For lunch there was yummy yummy Peruvian rice.  I don’t know what spices were in there but it was good.

After lunch today we went to a Free Medical Clinic that the People of Peru is working on.  It’s for poor people that can’t afford medical help.  It’s letting them know that they can still get good service in a nice place even though they’re poor.  We sanded all the walls and outside.  It took what seemed like forever and it was so hot!  We got to wear doctors masks so we weren’t breathing in the sawdust.

We came home, took showers from all the sand on us, and then had free time.  We then went to our VBS program.  The bus got stuck in the mud, twice!  So we had to totally do the VBS by ourselves.  It still went great.  I played the guitar and Natalie Johnson did the story of Ester.  It was so funny, she did a great job.  What she did was she took a few of the WWVA girls and one Peruvian girl in a line for the king to choose a queen.  Well she chose the Peruvian girl and made her queen.  There was face painting and a butterfly craft.  Again as we left the same 2 girls came up and gave me a hug and kiss, I love it.  The kids and people actually want to see and talk to you.

We had to eat dinner fast because we’re going to the market after.  The menu is apple pastry dessert, peruvian egg flower soup, and juice.  Good, good!  Man I miss cooking.

Now to the market!  Well it’s the plaza actually, the nice part of Iquitos.  Officially called The Plaza de Armas (Main Square).  There are venders just crawling all over the place and booths set up along the street.  Ciara had to go get regular tennis shoes so we walked 5 blocks with Leovina (she works at People of Peru) to get cheap shoes.  They have name brand shoes with the same symbol, it’s just not called the same thing.  Like there were Rebok shoes with the symbol but called Rehab.  We took a mototaxi back.  It was so fun!  There was 6 of us so we raced back to the Plaza.  It was Ciara, Holly, and I in one and Holly was freaking out because when you’re in them, it looks like you’re going to hit something!  It was only 2 sols to ride.

In the plaza, a famous soccer team was in town so there were a lot of people around.  A group was yelling and singing.  Then all of a sudden, we hear “Bang bang!”  Holly thought we were getting shot at but it was just really loud firecrackers.  Lots of them!  We then walked around a bit and shopped at the market stands people set up.  I bought a 3 sol bracelet!  We then went and had these really good slushies at this outdoor restaurant called Ari’s Burger (kind of like a burger joint style).  Holly, Lauren, Ciara, Jessie, and I.  I had a passion fruit one, 3.50 sols!  They were pretty big too.  Paul is the one who told us about it so that’s where we went.  We sit down and about a minute passes then we look over and there is Paul and Leovina sitting there.  It was funny.  When we went to pay, we each gave 100 sol bill to make change.  The server looked at us funny.  Back to the bus we went.  We got home and what did we have to do, pack for the jungle!

Lots of music and tons of people in the plaza.  Oh and Paul and us told the little kids that we are going to come back Sunday and feed them.  The kids just come up to you asking for food and stuff.


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