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3/22 Monday

We got to sleep in this morning and didn’t have to be to breakfast at 7am like normal.  Because Gem State Academy was heading to the jungle and they had to get all together.  When they left, we went over and had our breakfast:  hard toast (still good) with peanut butter.

Immediately we had to go to a special needs school to teach.  This one didn’t go so well.  They weren’t interactive, people in our group were sick, it was so bright and very hot, unusually hot.  It was the hottest day!  So we were going slow; they did give us water though.  We thought we were talking to a wall.  Turns out we were talking to a wall because there were 2 kids peeking over the wall from outside the school that were listening to us!

We came home and had lunch:  rice, fries, and juice.  Then just lazed around, talked to mom on Facebook IM!!!  This is when I actually added mom to my Facebook friends.  So happy!  That’s when I told her I swam in the Amazon River!  She didn’t believe me at first.  She told dad and he said, “She’s not serious, she’s just kidding.”  But I wasn’t.

Then we went to a pool to swim because it was ridiculously hot!  91 degrees Fahrenheit.  Felt like 107 degrees F.  It was 85% humidity, golly!  We were there for an hour or so.  We even got the whole pool to ourselves.  Greg lost his money in the pool (paper money), 250 sols!  So we went on a search to find it.  We did eventually.  Mr. Irland tried to teach me to juggle, didn’t go so well.  Then the pool guy brought us a fruit I’d been really wanting to try.  It was the long green one with white fruit in it.  Inside the white fruit are big black seeds that are poisonous, so of course just be careful when you eat it.  It was so so good, very sweet!  I only tried a little because we were told not to eat the fruit in Peru except the ones at our facility.  It reminded me of cotton candy but it’s fruit.

We had to rush rush rush to get to VBS.  It was the story of Noah’s Ark so all of our group members were an animal.  Lauren and I were elefantes!  We also played Pato Pato Ganzo (duck duck goose).

For dinner we had this yummy potato dish, fruit, then cake because it was Paul’s mom’s birthday.  There was a caramel topping cake (like the caramel sauce we’ve been having called manjar blanco) then a second cake that was a cream cake with the caramel in the middle.  I tried the cream cake, really good!

Lauren had our worship talk tonight.  After we just talked as a group about Sunday night feeding the kids.  Tonight I started packing to go home!  I have to say that I was pretty happy to go home.

Earlier in the day we saw a man running for representative of a district, with a crowd behind him promoting.  We aren’t allowed to take any pictures of crowds like that otherwise those people will come after you wanting your camera to destroy the evidence.

Little kids listening over the wall


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