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Friday 3/19

We got up at 6am to go to THE JUNGLE!  Yup, that’s today.  We had to empty out our room because Gemstate Academy was arriving that day.  For breakfast we had rice oatmeal, peanut butter, and a banana.  Before heading on Kevin, we took a WWVA group photo in front of the People of Peru Project sign.  As Paul would say, “Proof of who and how many went to the jungle.”  We rode down to the dock and hopped onto the People of Peru Project boat on the Itaya River.  There were 2 levels on the boat, upper and lower.  The upper was kind of open.  In order to stay up there guess what we had to be in, hammocks!!!!  It was awesome.  Just simple hammocks tied to the posts above.  Leo came along for the trip, Poppy’s House didn’t want him anymore so we’re going to let him out free in the jungle.  He was in a cage on the way over.  So we laid in those for most of the trip, taking naps and writing.  So peaceful.  We stayed on the Itaya River for a short time and then you see this line in the water (this is where we had to put life jackets on).  The Itaya River was clear while the Amazon River was murky and muddy.  It was gross and dirty.  For the beginning of the trip Lauren, Jessie, Ciara, Greg, and I stayed up top.  You can tell where the rivers are by the 2 colors.

We then stopped at the Bora tribe.  We had to walk a little ways in some muddy areas.  On the way you come along this flat stone that you hit with sticks that are there to let the tribe know somebody is coming.  We stepped into this area where they had us sit.  Their chief banged his drums to let all his people know to come.  Some people came and did 5 dances for us.  The last dance we got to dance with them.  I danced!  Oh and the women are topless, it’s so hot there that’s it’s smart.  We were able to also buy stuff, so I bought a 4 sol colorful necklace and a homemade big bag for 25 sols.  The people were very nice!  I got to take some pictures too.  When we got back to the boat, the cage was empty.  Leo let himself out of the cage!

We then drifted to an outdoor zoo along the Amazon.  It’s all open, above the ground, with a few cages.  This is a zoo where we get to hold all the animals.  We first held a sloth which I held.  They almost have like a human face so it’s kind of weird.  They have sort of soft skin, not coarse.  When you hold them, they slowly wrap themselves to you.  They have long nails but not really sharp.  They like to hold on to you and things.  Next came the anaconda which I did not hold or touch.  I can live my life without touching a snake thank you.  It was disgusting and huge.  People actually held it!  There was a baby crocodile but we didn’t hold that.  On the roof of the place there was a little monkey too.  He wasn’t for holding though.  We hustled back onto the boat to finish off the trip.  It was about 5-6 more hours left.  I hung out with Natalie for the rest of the trip.  We laid at the tip of the boat, played games, and told blonde jokes.  It was awesome.  Then we looked at an Amazon book in Spanish that one of our translators had.

We arrived at our destination.  Our new home was a round open hut 50 feet off the ground.  We took everything out of the boat (water jugs, food, luggage) and set up our tents.  Yes tents!  I was surprised too.  We live civilized!  We just hung out that night and relaxed.  It was Jessie, Lauren, Ciara and I in a tent.  The bugs, spiders, mosquitoes are atrocious.  Cockroaches also fly down at you, fun stuff.  While waiting for dinner, our wwva people played a soccer game.  For dinner we had peanut butter and fruit.  We had worship and Jessie gave the worship talk about letting God guide your path.  Then time for crocodile hunting!  Only 10 people could go.  We went in a smaller boat, it was dark dark out.  We were also really close to the water.  We creeped along with some flashlights.  Oh and then, a fish flopped in on Danae.  Then we went right next to greenery so we scooted closer to each other (Holly, Lauren, and I).  We were afraid something would jump in.  We were out there about an hour.  Some people saw eyes but I didn’t see anything.  I really wanted to!  I tried to take my contacts out but all of a sudden a cockroach comes down at me and I lose one of my contacts.  So I said forget it so now I have to wear my glasses for the jungle trip!  Not happy.


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