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This morning at 9am there is a 3 mile walk for the Make A Wish foundation; Pancakes & Pajamas.  Yup, your suppose to wear pajamas.  Me?  No.  It was held on the Sacramento West Capitol steps.  I spent the night at Meghan’s house on Friday night so we got up early the next morning.
Kirsten, Drew, Meghan, and I walked
First of all we started out the day with glorious Starbucks.  I tried the new Iced Cocoa Cappuccino.  It was so good, possibly my new favorite; way better than a mocha!
As soon as we got downtown, Kirsten realized she forgot money!  Yeah, going downtown with no money = no good
We ran up and down streets dodging cars that Meghan says were there but weren’t with me screaming.  Getting back to the booth we got last years t-shirt (a very light blue color that does NOT go with my skin) and headed to the west steps.  They had a long intro: Fox 40 News spoke, a children’s choir sang, a Make A Wish story, pajama contest and a warm up.  We finally got to cross the line to start.  We walked in residential and shops downtown, it was a nice walk.  I got my first sunburn today; it was nice and warm outside!  Yessss!  I think the walk was about an hour.  Upon getting to the finish line, people were congratulating, yelling, and playing those annoying noise toys.


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