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Sunday 3/21

This morning we leave the jungle!  I gotta say, I’m happy.  For breakfast we had corn flakes with mango yogurt.  They don’t use milk I guess; they use yogurt.  Then off on the boat we went.  We played games and stopped off at a watering hole to swim.  No it wasn’t the Amazon.  When we walked up, people were actually doing there laundry there.  Yup, we still went swimming.  The water was cool and fun.  Holly and I did sitting 2 highs with Natalie and Jessie in the water.  We walked back to the boat, got on, then got told we can shop for a few minutes at a little market set up on the side of the community where we went swimming.  Just people all spread out in a circle.  I grabbed some shirts I brought to the jungle to trade and traded them for a small purse and a maraca.  It is smooth sailing home now, only 5 hours.  For lunch we had rice with vegetables and gluten in it.  It was ok.

We finally arrived and headed to our hotel, not the facility.  This hotel was so nice and colorful!  We got a room with air conditioning even.  The name of it is Hospedaje Fantasia.  We swam in the pool first then took our first showers from being in the jungle and that Amazon water.  Yay!  We then raced over to a market near the facility.  I bought a hammock!!!  For the family, well mom and I mainly.  And I repeat, not just mom!  It’s orange with blue stripes.  It’s exactly like the one we had in the boat along the Amazon.  Then I bought an Iquitos souvenir canoe and a wooden cup/saucer.  When I bought the hammock I messed up my spanish with the lady when I was buying it so we were laughing and she gave me a bracelet free!

We came back and sat outside the restaurant they had there in the hotel.  I ordered a Coca Cola soda.  They make their Coca Cola with raw sugar instead of the high fructose syrup like the US uses, so it is better for you.  Natalie got an Inca Cola drink;  it almost tastes like bubble gum, it’s sweet and yellow colored.  It is a lemon verbena flavored soda  It’s so good!  We sat their with Greg and Lauren and took pictures.  The hammock I bought was 37 sols which was only $12.98 in the US.

At 6:30pm our bus picked us up and we went to dinner at a pizza place.  Last Thursday night we went to the plaza and Paul told us we were going to feed street kids Sunday night (tonight).  Just before going into the restaurant on the bus, he told us that we each get 1 ticket so we only get to feed 1 child.  There are only 25 of us in the group so we only get to feed 25 kids.  Well we all had the impression that we were feeding all the kids.  So that was like a bomb dropped on us.  We were not expecting that.  We couldn’t feed everyone so that was hard.  When we walked into the restaurant, kids on the street followed us and peered through the windows.  My table was Mr. Perrin, me, Lauren, Ciara, Jessie, and Greg.  We all could not eat with the kids watching us.  So we fasted that night.  We did drink the juice though.  There was Purple Corn juice called Chicha Morada.  It tasted like apple cider plus something else.  It is a clove flavored drink; the base is of boiled purple maiz.  Then there was grapefruit/fruit punch juice.  Very very good!  We saved all our 2 pizzas and appetizer at our table and put them in to-go boxes and after dinner, we took them and handed them out.  The pizza didn’t even smell good to me because of the kids and the guilt.  There were around 30 pieces of pizza plus bread!  Come to find out, we were the first group in all the years that Paul has been doing this program to ever fast.  I felt proud!!!

We went to the plaza next to find our child to feed.  I found a little boy then we walked the 3 blocks to where the food was being handed out.  His food was chicken, fries, and rice.  I paid for one extra child and took lots of pictures with them.  It was fun and rewarding.

We came back to the hotel and I gave my worship thought about patience (everybody had to give one over the trip).  Then off to bed and showers.  The room was very nice and a nice bed.  It was Jessie, me and Natalie in a room.  They even had a TV!  We were staying in the hotel because Gem State Academy was still at the regular facility.

About the Amazon River, we swam in it Saturday night as you may recall.  If we were to have gotten sick because we swam in it, we would have gotten sick today.  And I didn’t get sick, so that’s stupendous!!


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