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Tuesday 3/23

For breakfast we had rice pudding, french toast with peanut butter, banana juice, and bananas.  We went to an Adventist school this time to teach.  It wasn’t a special needs school so it was much easier and more fun.  It was a nice change for our last day.  We actually got a souvenir gift from them that said Iquitos, Peru!  It was like a plate of some sort.  For lunch, we had a rice dish with a yummy sauce topping.  Then, since it’s Tammie’s birthday, her friends got her a cake from the market.  I don’t know what kind it was but it was very very good!  It had a cream frosting with yellow sticky stuff covering it, so it was a yellow colored cake.  Yum!

I found a new song I like “Tainted Love”, no it’s not Peruvian.  Today there was a strike of all the workers for higher wages all day on the main streets.  Interesting.  We went to the zoo today, it’s an outdoor zoo with different monkeys, jaguars, alligators, etc.  It was hot but very fun.  You could even hold an anaconda for 1 sol.  I got a strawberry (fresa) popsicle.  I man goes around and sells them.  At the end of walking around at the zoo, it leads you to a beach.  The water was warm with a dead fish in it.  We took a group cabin photo:  Holly, me, Lauren, Jessie, and Ciara.

We came back to headquarters and got ready for our last VBS.  I got the guitar and off we went.  I actually recorded tonight:  songs, game, story, craft, and another story.

For dinner we had tamales which I didn’t like, bread, lots of bread, and purple corn juice (chicha), the juice of the purple corn with sweetner.  My favorite!  We had worship, a run down of tomorrow, and then pack pack pack, and a shower.


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