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Earth Day

Today is Earth Day also known as Good Friday
At all Starbucks, if you bring in your own mug you get free coffee or tea in it.
Yup my travel mug is Venti size!

Right before we left for coffee, there were 2 police cars on our street!

Maca had the brilliant idea of not going to just 1 Starbucks but many.  So that’s what I did.  Earlier in the morning, we all went.  Iced coffee w/ vanilla

As soon as we got home, I gathered my homework and headed out again.  Iced coffee
I was getting shaky here as I was typing part of an essay; I could feel it.

Next I went to Broadstone, my favorite Starbucks here in Folsom.  Iced coffee w/ milk & vanilla; luckily I said decaf.  Here I was VERY shaky and I was trying so hard to not shake!  hahaha
I was trying to read and annotate but I just couldn’t focus anymore.

I went home and crashed in front of the TV.
Maca and I went out to Winco and I knew I didn’t want another free coffee in my mug but I wanted a free tea.  So I got it hot and saved it in the fridge.

Then my stomach set in; oooooo did that ever hurt!  For dinner I only had crackers; couldn’t even more.  Never ever drink 3 coffee’s venti size in 1 day!  I tried going to bed early.  I did just lie in bed for awhile but then I couldn’t sleep; obviously.  I get what I deserve.  So I probably didn’t knock off till 2 AM.



  Katie wrote @

But you got free coffee! 🙂 lol

  christycourt wrote @

yes that’s true. it was an interesting day. when i got home, i just flat out crashed!

  Martha Mason wrote @

nice story, good ending, i’m there!

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