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Start my birthday.

Since I got this new job, I can’t go to Walla Walla anymore next week where my parents are.  So Maca and Paca are going on Monday for 10 days.  I get to have the whole house to myself.  This unfortunately means I’ll be here alone for my birthday on June 25th.  So for an extra treat for me, they took me out to a birthday breakfast this morning; Karen’s Bakery.  My favorite bakery in Folsom!  As well as their delicious flaky pastries, they serve breakfast.  I ordered: the Sunny Side up Tart (a puff pastry tart with gruyere cheese and creme fraiche, bacon, and a sunny side up egg, and fresh chives), which was also served up with fresh fruit.  The tart was good but the fruit salad is the best fruit salad I’ve ever had (better than Sterlings)!  Along on the side I ordered a cappuccino.  We got to sit outside on their patio; so nice with the flowers and great temperature.  Did I mention we went at 8 am?


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