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19th Birthday weekend.

Starts Friday June 24th, 2011
Started with chores today: vacuumed, washed my car, mowed the lawn, and decorated the house for my birthday.  I then made my birthday cake; Strawberry Summer Cake.  Basically yellow cake with strawberries on top.  Tonight I hung out with Aunt Diana in Auburn; we went to a Thai restaurant then saw the movie, Bad Teacher.  Boy was it funny!!!!

Saturday 25th
MY BIRTHDAY TODAY, AGE 19!!!  This morning I opened my presents over skype.  Some things I got were money, San Pellegrino water, Kind bars, fancy Bath and Body works soap, magnets from LA, flower seeds.  Then off to Starbucks where I got a cappuccino and a fruit, nut, & cheese platter.  After, I went to Lodi to hang out with Karen; we went to Stockton for lunch at Mimi’s then went shopping.  At Dillard’s, she bought me a mug that says “This is where the magic happens.”  (The picture was of a messy kitchen.)  Then onto Macy’s where I got comfy tan capri’s.  On the way home, we stopped at Karen’s niece’s house.  It was so great!  After I drove home, I ate my cake and opened more presents from mom and dad on skype.  At 9p I picked up Meghan from the Roseville Galleria from work.  She spent the night because we have an early day tomorrow!

Sunday 26th
LAKE TAHOE TRIP TODAY!  We left around 8a and first headed for Starbucks.  We both had a free drink so I got a skinny vanilla iced latte.  What was cool was they put our names on our cups.  Now off to Tahoe!  We got there a bit early for lunch so we just walked around in Tahoe City looking at all the little shops.  Now the lunch I’ve been waiting for!  Fat Cat’s Café: I had Fat Cat Mac & Sweet Potato Fries with zesty cilantro dipping sauce!  It was amazing!  After, we started driving around the whole lake.  We stopped at every beach but almost every one had a parking fee and some were crowded!  We found 1 “beach” near Sunnyside (California) that was free.  We also did stop a lot to take pictures.  I even let Meghan drive a bit!  On the way home we filled up for gas and Starbucks.  It was a great day of beauty and driving!!!!!


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