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I’ve been going to culinary school from August 2011 to April 2012 and my internship will end May 2012 which means COURTNEY GRADUATES.  Culinary school was great!  Saucemaking, soups (my favorite), butchery (fun) of fish, rabbit, cow, pork; plate presentation, baking and pastry with cakes and breads, breadmaking was my favorite; international cooking with miso soup, noodles, lots and lots of meat, soups and grains.  I found out I love working on the WOK!  Very fun, very fast!!!

After my internship here, I leave for another internship in South Carolina for the summer at Seabrook Island.  Soak up that humid sun.  I hope to do some travel writing about my experiences!

I most recently want to study abroad in France to move there and learn French.  Experiencing a new culture and food is fascinating because there is so much to learn.  It is perfect for me because traveling and culinary are my two favorite things!  I’ve been wanting to study abroad and learning a new language is a goal of mine and the restaurant owner in Folsom, CA, Chez Daniel inspired me.  I went to talk with him about staging with him before I left for South Carolina so we sat down while he ate his lunch and drank red wine.  We talked about places to work, the Cordon Bleu, and traveling.  He said to always go for the best.


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