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Thur 6.18.09

In the morning we had a London bus tour by Barry.

We saw St. Paul Cathedral & the Tower of London Old Prison.  For $10 we all saw Romeo and Juliet in Shakespeare’s globe!  This outside theater is one where you have to stand, for 3 long hours!

For dinner, Indian food then after some of us went to see the Chicago Broadway show ($35); Cambridge theater.  Jerry Springer was in it, singing!  It was fabulous, fantastic.



Tue 6.16.09

Today was the traveling day.  Last night Miss Whidden picked me up at my house and we drove to Portland where out first flight was.  From Portland, OR —> Newark, New Jersey —> London, England.  At the airport, our EF tour director Francois met us there where we rode our first England Tube (subway).  We checked into our hotel, Huttons & ate dinner at Ye Ol’ Cock Tavern.

Trip Stats

June 16th – 29th

2 weeks

First London

to Paris

to Rome